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Stretchy Shaggy Chain Maille Bracelet - Various Colours

  • $30.00

These stretchy bracelets are made in the "shaggy loops" chain maille style, They are made mostly from aluminum rings with that were made with square wire so they catch the light and look very sparkly! They are great for stacking too. The stretchiness comes from the rubber rings that were incorporated into the pattern so there is no need to fuss with a clasp! I use EPDM rubber which is latex-free and most commonly used in vehicle seals (like car doors and windows) so you know it is sturdy. These bracelets are super comfy and lightweight!

Each bracelet is about 1/3" wide and 7" unstretched.

If you're looking for specific colour combinations please don't hesitate to place a custom order! I will likely have any colour combination you can think of :)

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