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Bracelet Size Chart

To make sure your bracelet is the right fit, consult the size chart below.

Take your wrist measurement and add one inch. If you need to, round down for a snug fit or round up for a looser fit. Don't have a flexible tape measure? Use a piece of string, mark it where it overlaps, then measure between the marks using a ruler.

If purchasing a gift, average women's size is M and average men's size is XL.

 Size Measurement
Extra Small (XS) 7 inches
Small (S) 7.5 inches
Medium (M) 8 inches
Large (L) 8.5 inches
Extra Large (XL) 9 inches

Example: My wrist measures 6.25 inches. Adding one inch gets to 7.25 inches. I like a looser fit so I order size S (7.5 inches).

Need smaller than XS or larger then XL? No problem! Send me a message and I'll make a custom size for you (surcharge may apply for larger than XL).