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About Float or Fly

The story starts in 2013 when I took some beading and wire wrapping classes at a local craft store. I really liked making jewellery but the beaded stuff wasn't  a good fit with my personal style. I wanted something that was pretty without being too girly, and durable to withstand everyday wear.

Looking at different techniques I discovered chain maille and by combining different colours, and developing new styles I was able to achieve everything I was looking for! It was also great in that I could make things that I could wear every day, in a mix & match style, but with a fun, lighthearted feel to it. But the best part was that I loved the technique (taking one ring, opening it with a pair of pliers, attaching it to other rings, and closing it) and found it very calming.    

After building up my own personal inventory  and getting compliments from family and friends, selling pieces was a natural decision and Float or Fly was born!

Why the name Float or Fly? I was looking through pictures that made me feel happy and came across a shot of a sunset above the water I took while on vacation a few years back. The water and the sky were so beautiful together that I had to use a name that tied those in. Combined with the fact that most of my pieces are made from aluminum and are very lightweight, Float or Fly made sense to me!


About Me

My name is Karine and I am the designer behind Float or Fly. I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada and now live in the country on the outskirts of the city. I have a guinea pig named Chester who is my little motivational helper and mascot!



Each piece is handmade from individual metal rings that are opened, hooked together, then closed using a pair of pliers.  

I am inspired to make pieces that compliment the wearer's personal style and have a fun, lighthearted spirit. I love combining colours for pieces that are ideal for mixing and matching with different outfits. Using traditional chain maille patterns as a starting point, I experiment with different sizes and combinations then modify them to create brand new designs.



My favourite materials are:

  • Aluminum: great for everyday pieces and anodized aluminum comes in lots of colours. It’s also amazingly lightweight so even big pieces are no trouble to wear.
  • Stainless steel: very durable and popular for mens pieces. It looks awesome and hardcore.
  • Niobium: a hypoallergenic precious metal that can be anodized in many different colours. I like combining it with silver.
  • Sterling silver: gorgeous and classic. My choice for high-end pieces.